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What is kBeacon?

iBeacon which based on Bluetooth Smart technology allows to develop location based mobile apps which are IOS and Android compatible, even if user carries his device in his pocket.

In this way, it is possible to develop applications for users within the designated field of interaction, like providing notifications, delivering content or tracking and navigation.

kBeacon, with low power consumption, ability of high approximation, and low cost factors makes it possible to provide innovative location based services in a wide range of area. Now, it is your turn to integrate this worldwide acclaimed technology to business model…

About Us

Many mobile applications can be developed with kBeacon.

Merchandising and Mall

Contact to existing customers or potential customers while still in your store. Give offers according to their behaviours.


Give more information to visitors about the works in the museum with all language options. There will be no work unseen, give more detailed information about the work, no concourse on the information desk.


End of waiting Menu at the table. Offer quick and easy virtual order facility to customers in your restaurant.


Any time, get back customers who came to your enterprise again, but you don't have information on. Moreover, in doing so, know which products your customers are tend to.

"iBeacon technology is a Micro-Location infrastructure that gives opportunity to present content and provide notification depending on the location of the user."


350 different models in the market of mobile devices supports iBeacon technology and iBeacon solutions are presented to your specific needs for both Android and IOS platforms.

We introduce custom solutions for your company by providing 100 meters range indoor modules or 450 meters range outdoor modules regarding field of use. Upon request, we're being your solution partner by providing cover design for your corporate identity and custom applications.

No matter your company's size and capacity, we integrate iBeacon technology into your business with our qualified personnel in the field.

Technical Information

iBeacon is a new technology that can be integrated to all sectors. if you want to use iBeacon technology in your enterprises or companies, contact us and get detailed information about specific solutions for you.


-Identification of iBeacon

-Identification of rules

-Rule-based notifications

-Instant density map

-Customizable message content

-Rates of notifications read

-Detailed reports

Merchandising & Mall

-View the footsteps of your customers and their shopping habits.

-By means of personalized welcome messages, ensure your customers feel special.

-With special offers and notifications, develop customer-specific opportunities, direct customers to alternatives.

-It is possible to increase loyal customers' return rate by offering special deals with the iBeacon technology.

-By moving your brand-special opportunity card to mobile platform, save customers to get trouble of carrying card with our contactless authentication system technology.


Range of our iBeacon modules reaches up to 100 meters in indoor environments and 450 meters in outdoor environments depending on fading characteristic and physical conditions.

Depending on the requirements of developing application and purpose, the iBeacon applications we developed can work with different sensitivities of location approximation estimations.Placement of iBeacon modules range from a few cm. to 1.5-2 meters according to density..

Battery Life

Battery lives of our modules vary in 6 months and 2 years based on requirements of application and preferred battery type..

Placement of kBeacon transmitters takes place by specialized staff at the delivery stage.

Thanks to iBeacon technology, more detailed information can be provided about the exhibition and specific collection items to visitors depending on their locations.

Indoor navigation application,developed by iBeacon technology, provides instant location viewing and ease of navigation for users.

kBeacon is the eyes of visually disabled..!

iBeacon technology brings a new dimension to the interaction of mobile platforms, that can present content depending on the location of mobile users and can run in the background, with the environment.With the help of said infrastructure, apps that can ease the lives of disabled people are among our services.

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